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Natalia Kuznecova


Name: Natalia Kuznecova 

Country of origin: Latvia

Field of studyMSC in Economics and Business Administration - Finance and International Business


1. What is the best thing about being a student at Aarhus University?

Opportunities to get a great education and meet new people.

2. What worries did you have before applying?

I was worried whether I would be enrolled, because I thought that my degree in Business Administration is not sufficient enough to apply for FIB. Also, I was worried about practicalities like finding accommodation, getting used to new country, etc.

3. What is the biggest difference between studying at Aarhus University and where you studied before (please include where you studied before)?

I studied at Riga Business School (part of Riga Technical University) and comparing it to my current studies there are couple of ground differences. First, the grading system is different, because at AU majorly the final grade depends only on one exam (only in some cases it depends on both an exam and a research paper), but in my home university we also had tests, homework, presentations, etc. Second, the environment at AU is much more international than it is in Riga.

4. What would you like to have known before applying?

Difficult to say, because I think that all kind of information is available on the Internet, so for me surfing on the Net was enough to answer all my questions.

5. Please give 3 good tips to keeping living costs down as a student in Denmark

First, look for accommodation in advance in order to find a nice place for a reasonable price. This can save your money from a last-minute moving in. Due to high demand, the accommodation in August/September can be overpriced in terms of monthly rent.

Second, use a bike for getting around the city. Biking is much cheaper than taking busses.

Third, cook for yourself and don’t rely on having a meal out. That is quite expensive in Aarhus.

6. What is it like to study and live in Aarhus and in Denmark?

Like a challenge! There is something new and interesting everyday :)

7. What are your plans after you graduate?

I would like to start an internship during my 4th semester somewhere in Denmark and later convert it into my future stable job. However, my plan B is moving back home after graduation.