Mateusz from Poland

Great study environment with innovative classes

With very progressive and cutting edge classes Mateusz Tokarski from Poland really enjoys studying Cognitive Semiotics at Aarhus University.

“I really like the study environment here. The relationship between the student and the professor is fantastic. Some professors even stay after class and have a beer with us and talk about the topics we have discussed in class or just anything.”

Mateusz Tokarski from Poland is sitting outside in the sun in front of one of the university’s canteens. This week he doesn’t have any classes so in between studying he can enjoy the nice spring weather.

The no classes for a week is actually completely normal studying the Elite Graduate Programme in Cognitive Semiotics at Aarhus University, he tells.

“The studies here are pretty different than what I have tried at other universities and from what I have heard from others. We only have classes every second week, so the professors expect us to do a lot of work on our own. They also know that we come from very different backgrounds both academically and culturally and they also expect us to use that in our studies, tells Mateusz Tokarski who also considered a programme in Semiotics at the University of Copenhagen, but decided on the one at Aarhus University because – in his words – it had a more academic approach where the one in Copenhagen was more with a business approach.

“I took my BA in film and theatre studies in London. And that is actually another reason why I chose Aarhus instead of Copenhagen, because the city is smaller and I really like that coming from London,” he says and admits that even though there is not that much happening here compared to a large city like London, it does have both nice clubs and bars, and it also has a great location with the beaches and forest close by, which he really likes.

Well organised service

When Mateusz Tokarski came to Denmark he had no problems settling in. He was able to find a dorm room not too far from campus and he also made both Danish and international friends.

“You hear that Danish people are not very friendly, but for me it has been no problem starting a life here. I have a Danish girlfriend and also some few really good friends. Another good thing is that you get good guidance from the moment you get here. The service from the International Centre is well organised and helped me to a good start here.”

Everything in one place

With everything close by even on campus Mateusz Tokarski really loves life as a student at Aarhus University.

“I like that everything is in one place - that the entire campus is in one place. The classes are also very progressive and cutting edge. All our books and texts are from the last 5 years,” he explains and continues:

“There is also a good social life and I really love the idea of Friday bars and the fact that you just change your class room into a bar every Friday afternoon. It’s great.”

Right now Mateusz Tokarski is considering applying for a PhD at the university.

“They have really good programmes here. I don’t think you can find the same options anywhere else. Especially the 4+4 track, where you start your PhD before you finish your Master’s degree is really amazing,” he says and adds that if he doesn’t get into a PhD programme maybe he will do another MA here or somewhere else.”