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Ethenia Novianty


Name: Ethenia Novianty Windaningrum 

Country of origin: Indonesia

Field of studyMA in Corporate Communication, Aarhus BSS

1. What is the best thing about being a student at Aarhus University?

Being able to access the high quality education, teachers, and facilities at one of The Top 100 Universities in the World.

2. What worries did you have before applying?

Different way of teaching, cultural barriers.

3. What is the biggest difference between studying at Aarhus University and where you studied before (please include where you studied before)?

I studied at University of Indonesia before I studied at Aarhus University; the biggest difference was the grading system and the components for the final grade. In University of Indonesia, the final grade consist not just of your final exam, but also attendance, participation, assignments and group works, and mid exam. In Aarhus it is only your final exam.

4. What would you like to have known before applying?

I wish I could have known more about the composition/percentage of Danish students and international students in one certain program.

5. Please give 3 good tips to keeping living costs down as a student in Denmark

- Always cook at home and bring meal even when you have classes at university/your work place when you have a student job / part-time job (unless your work place provides free lunch)

- Orient yourself with different kinds of supermarkets in Denmark (the names/chains), so you will know which one has the cheapest offer for your needs and buy more when there is a sale / “tilbud” 

- If your room or apartment is not furnished, buy used furniture and even sometimes some people in Denmark just leave their used furniture in front of their apartment so this means you could get them for free. There are also some Facebook groups where people will post their used electronic / furniture items either for sale or free

6. What is it like to study and live in Aarhus and in Denmark?

Aarhus is a very cozy city. It is a city that is dominated by young people because it is a student city. It is not crowded at all, which is good and relaxing, but at the same time there are so many great events to attend, that could be student events, workshops, networking events, parties, musical performances, etc. I am very happy living in Aarhus. And Denmark is a very safe country, this could be one of the safest countries in the world, so for a woman who lives alone like me, you have nothing to worry about even when you get home very late at night. Denmark is very amazing in terms of work-life balance, social benefits, and gender equality. If you live here with resident permit, you will get free access to go to the doctor and hospital. People at work really respect weekend and holiday and it is even more amazing that the power distance between the boss and the employee is not wide, so you could build better relationships and talk casually. 

7. What are your plans after you graduate?

I am planning to still stay in Denmark or Europe and find a job here.