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Below you can find an alphabetic list of all AU Summer University courses and their classrooms.

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Please be aware that there may be changes to the room number from now on and until your course begin, so please doublecheck this page the day before your course to be sure you have the right location! 

Course Building  Room number 
Advanced Water Cycle Management  Låsby Kro og Hotel Låsby Kro og Hotel
Analysis of GWAS Data with a Focus on Prediction of Complex Phenotypes 1484 202
Application of Synchrotron Radiation in Nanoscience Hamburg Hamburg
Behavioral Corporate Finance 1451 225
Beyond financial statements: narrative reporting on value creation 1481 341
Bioactive Molecules in Agroecology Flakkebjerg Flakkebjerg
Blockchain and Supply Chain Management 1483 344
Business Intelligence from Web Data Analytics and Data Mining 1483 354
Climate Change - Cross-disciplinary Challenges and Solutions  1671 137
Clinical Global Infectious Diseases 1264 209
Computational Thinking with Python: Programming for Business Problems 2628 001(M1)
Critical sociological theories of knowledge, education and modernity 1484 200
Cross-cultural negotiation Term 1 1441 210
Cross-cultural negotiation Term 2 1441 210
Current Issues in European Human Rights Protection  1467 215
Data Visualization and Storytelling for Business 1483 454
Designing Survey Research 1467 515
Det talte ord: interviewmetode, forhandlingsteori og retorik 1451 216
Development Economics: Introduction & Applications 1453 215
Diagnosis of Plant Disease Flakkebjerg Flakkebjerg
Digital Business Innovation & Social Media 1451 219
Economics of Football: How Behavioural Economics can Explain Soccer. 1441 110
Emerging Innovation in Finance 1441 113
Entrepreneurial Finance 1481 264
Entrepreneurial Venturing and the New Economy: An Introduction to Concepts and Tools for Success 1453 131
Environmental Humanities and Global Justice 1465 218
EU Politics in Theory and Practice Bruxelles Bruxelles
Evaluation, Education and Social Inequality Emdrup Emdrup
Faroe Islands field course: a window to the geology of the Northeast Atlantic 1671 137
Feminism, Politics and Religion in the Arab World 1481 341
Financial Analysis and Decision Making: A Simulation Approach 1451 416
Food & Ingredients  Agro Food Park Agro Food Park
Gene Mapping  1484 202
Genetic Engineering using CRISPR/Cas 1231 328
Genomic prediction in animals and plants 1484 200
Global fandom in the digital age 1481 231
Global Scandinavia: cultural encounters, narratives, images 1467 515
Global Screen Cultures 1467 515
Hands-on advanced methods and techniques in plant science and biotechnology  Flakkebjerg Flakkebjerg
Healthy Entrepreneurship and innovation 1483 344
High Frequency Finance and Algorithmic Trading 1481 237
How to Finance a State? Revenue Mobilisation and Reforms in Developing Countries 1481 224
Immunotherapy (BA) 1231 318
Immunotherapy (MA 1231 318
Integrative Neuroimaging  1453 116
International Construction Law 1481 239
International Trade and Policy in the Era of Nationalism 1451 225
Introduction to Design Thinking: Understanding Creativity and Applying Innovation in Real Life 1467 215
leadership and emotional intelligence in organizations 1453 223
Leadership, Management Strategy and Business Ethics” 1453 229
Lean Management 1451 219
Making Sense of Data: Handling, Processing, Visualising, Spatial Mapping, Estimating, and Analysing Data in R 1451 416
Managing language in international organisations  1441 10
Mergers and Acquisitions 1453 227
Mother-Child-Health 1231 214
Multimodal Anthropology - Experimental Approaches 1441 O10
Next-Generation Sequencing  1531 119 (aud. D2, Ny Munkegade 116)
Online Reputation Management 1481 264
Organisational Crisis Management 2628 001(M1)
Organisational Misbehaviour 1483 444
Politics of meaning: discourse in theory and practice  1485 218
Psychoactive drugs in forensic medicine  1483 228
Python Fundamentals for Machine Learning 1441 110
Python programming for business (machine learning and data science) 1482 105 (Nobelauditoriet)
Radical Imaginations: Race, Representation and Diversity in Theatre and the Arts 1483 444
Retail Management  1483 354
Six Sigma Design & Innovation 1485 542
Sounding city - sonic interventions and storytelling for liveable urban spaces Struer Struer
Sports Marketing & Sponsorship 1484 200
Stakeholder Management in Global Contexts 1485 226
Substance Use Disorders: Critical Views on Interventions and Recovery 1485 542
Talk at Work 1485 218
The Interdisciplinary Summer School on Cognitive Neuroscience 1453 229
The Viking Age – The archaeology of a sea-bound world 1485 226
Translational Psychobiology 1465 415
Vision, Decision and Leadership 1481 231
Visual media production: Making short fiction films  5008 138
Wind Power Summer School - In Cooperation with Vestas Wind Systems A/S and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S  Videbæk Videbæk
Women and Nature: Ecofeminism in Theory and Practice  1465 215
Youth, Drugs and Alcohol: Social Science Approaches 1453 223