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Strategic Management of Creativity and Innovation


Innovation is the cornerstone of successful organisations and economies across the globe.  Consider the growing pace at which we witness change in our environment as well as in the technological, social and geopolitical landscapes.  Velocity is fuelling the need for innovation, and the pace is expected to intensify in the foreseeable future. Managing innovation requires specific skills, which remain uncommon.  This course is geared towards those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the issues underpinning creativity and innovation in organisations, as well as the ways in which they can be developed and managed successfully.

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The grade for the course consists of two parts:

  • Coursework counting app. 40 %
  • 3-hour written exam counting app. 60 %

The written exam is online and presence in Aarhus is not nescessary.

Admission Requirements

Course specific:


A Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration or a related degree  


Exchange Students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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Louis Rinfret


Louis Rinfret is Professor of Strategy and Innovation at The Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada. His main research interests are Open innovation, Evolution of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and other topics related to ICT innovation.