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Social Marketing

The course will be taught online.

This course investigates the practices and challenges of government or government-related organizations as well as non-profit organizations in the marketing communication of social causes. The course discusses the characteristics of social marketing, the design and implementation of social marketing campaigns, contents creation in digital era, the evaluation of marketing efforts, and human resources management in the non-profit organizations context.

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The exam consists of a portfolio containing 3 assignments and a subsequent written 3-hour take-home exam. The two will be assessed together and one overall grade is given. The deadline for submission of the portfolio is to be announced at the start of the course.

Please note that students who do not submit the final portfolio will not be allowed to participate in the final take-home exam and will have used one examination attempt. Take-home assignments submitted digitally in WISEflow. The final exam is online and presence in Aarhus is not necessary.

Only students who have participated in at least 80 percent of classes will be able to participate in the exam.

Admission Requirements


Course specific:

To apply for the course you must either be enrolled in a bachelor's degree, have a bachelor's degree or have passed a qualifying entry examination. 

Students are expected to have a good understanding of marketing or consumer behavior.


Exchange Students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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Kara Chan


Academic profile


Kara Chan is Professor at the School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research interests are Advertising and Children, Advertising Effect, Cross-cultural Consumer Studies, Social Inclusion, and Health Communication.