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Serial(ized) Crime on TV across Europe

This three-week intensive course takes you on a trip across Europe. Our mode of transportation are popular crime television series and our tour guides are Saga Norén, Sherlock Holmes, Gereon Rath, Inspector Montalbano and many more. On the journey, we discover the variety of European television culture and trace see how the forms and styles connect across borders. The destination is understanding why crime narratives from other countries are so prevalent and popular on television and streaming services and how this popularity is sustained by the media industry. The course includes a 3-day workshop on the production of short-form audio-visual material aimed at promoting European crime series internationally.

Exam info and full course description

Exam info and full course description can be found in the course catalogue.  

Admission Requirements

Course Specific:

To apply for the course you must either be enrolled in a bachelor's degree, have a bachelor's degree or have passed a qualifying entry examination.   


Exchange students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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