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Modernity, Knowledge and Social Pathology

The trajectory of societal transformations resulting in the modern formation of society, and thus (contemporary) living conditions have had a crucial impact on (human) nature and human well-being. This module will discuss contradictory aspects of societal and technical progress by presenting the phenomenon of social pathologies. Contemporary social radicalizations, nationalist ideologies and the phenomenon of the authoritarian personality are related to modern global society’s insecurities.  

The struggle of modern men and women “enhanced” by contradictory immanent relations such as between history and (human) development; tradition and modernity will be critically discussed related to different theoretical perspectives. In order to understand modern society’s social pathologies the state of contemporary (Western) society will be analysed from the theoretical angle of Critical Theory as well as from functionalist understandings.  

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To apply for the course you must hold a bachelor's degree in sociology of education, education studies or a related degree. 


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