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Leadership, Management Strategy and Business Ethics

Over the last decade, both before and after the financial crises, it became clear to many of those working in the business sector that we have several problems to solve in our economic system.  The main goal of this course is to understand different ethical explanation models and to present, discuss and practice different strategical methods and explore their theoretical background in business ethics. Since every level of management is shaped by its leaders, the focus of this course is on leadership and how leaders can influence the ethical behaviour of a company.

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The grade for the course consists of two parts:

  • Coursework counting app. 40 %
  • 3-hour written exam counting app. 60 %

The written exam is online and presence in Aarhus is not nescessary.

Admission Requirements

Course specific:

A Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration or a related degree  


Exchange Students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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Justinus C. Pech




Justinus Pech is Associate Professor in Fundamental Theology at Heiligenkreuz, Germany, as well as Founder and Director of the Institute for Leadership Ethics in Bochum.