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Law in the Digital Economy

The course will discuss the relevant regulatory aspects of the digital platforms, such as Google and Facebook. In the digital economy, key areas of law, such as Intellectual Property, Data Protection and Competition Policy interact in very novel manner. The focus of the course will be on legal issues in the multi-sided platforms, and how it impacts the small and medium enterprises in a legal setting.

The rise of the GAFAM – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft – has led even the most well established legal scholars to question whether the current legal framework is suitable for the digital economy. Using legal insights, this course introduces students to the rise of the multi sided platforms, big data and how law deals with the emerging challenges in the digital economy.

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The exam is a written 5-day take-home exam to be submitted online. Presence in Aarhus not necessary. 

Admission Requirements

Course specific:

A bachelor's degree in Law or related education.
General knowledge of domestic law of obligation, including formation of contract and sales law.


Exchange students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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