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In the Fields of Anthropocene Art

Which artistic practices matter, and how can they intervene in pressing environmental issues across the planet? While academic and institutional discussions tend separate ‘art and culture’ into distinguishable categories, art and how it matters in everyday life, has always been diverse in both form and intents across places and spaces. In localized and situated experiences of what it means to live during, and survive, planet-spanning environmental crises, art plays a key role in coming to terms with new realities while also creating spaces for imagining how things can be, and are, otherwise. 

What does it mean to create art that matters in the face of climate change and environmental crises? Where is it? What does it look like? And which other issues are arts embroiled with, when grappling with questions pertaining to environmental issues? In this course we will engage these questions across the ‘art/culture’ divide to learn from the arts that matter, rather than the arts that fit into our categories.  

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