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Healthy Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The objective of this course is to introduce the students to need driven innovation, entrepreneurship and value creation to increase health inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal - Number 3   

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.”

The course will enable the students to use methods from entrepreneurship and apply innovative skills on top on their individual academic and professional skills and knowledge. Thus, increase their possibility of creating impact in society in a much broader sense than inventing products or establishment of new companies. The course will include theories and well establish methodology combined with hands on practice inspired from start-up’s.

The course inspires students to an entrepreneurial and innovative approach in many settings such as their primary study programme, research, clinical practice, the industry and of course also start-ups.  

The process will bring the students through three major elements:

Identify needs and problems with scientific methods - and learn about their individual skills

Innovate solutions supported by a sustainable business model – and learn about team and team dynamics.

Implement in organizations and society through stakeholder involvement The students will work with:

- Understanding their own means – who are you, what do know and whom do you know?

- Solving the right problem

- Developing innovative solutions and creating business models

Exam info and full course description

Exam info and full course description can be found in the course catalogue.  

Admission Requirements

Course specific:

3-4 years studies within medicine or other related education  


Exchange Students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

You can read more about the admission here.