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Global Screen Culture(s)

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This three-week intensive course introduces you to global screen culture(s), with a focus on the recent trend of transnationalisation. To begin with, we will take a brief look at how the production and distribution of fictional screen content now routinely cross national borders, and how marketing has increased in importance. Not only is today’s ‘mediascape’ global and hence more competitive, but there is a plethora of entertainment choices overall. The result is an ‘attention economy,’ where screen content needs to stand out, audiences need to be hooked fast, and they need to love what they see. From production and distribution, we turn to consumption. In detail we explore why in recent years, screen content from countries like Denmark (crime series), Korea (K-dramas), Turkey (‘dizi’ telenovelas) and others, have gained unexpected popularity across the world. Working with multiple case studies, we will consider the roles that language, cultural proximity, authenticity, identification with characters, and emotions (or ‘affect’) play in the transnational appeal of contemporary global screen entertainment. We conclude the course by critically reflecting on how global screen culture(s) are much more than an entertainment. In our final weeks we will look at the geo-politics, and potential cultural and economic effects. We explore how global screen content can create a cosmopolitan identity but also ‘banal nationalism,’ how it contributes to how a country is perceived abroad, and how it has allowed some countries to use entertainment to ‘brand the nation’ and increase its ‘soft power.’     

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Admission Requirements

Course specific:

To apply for the course you must either be enrolled in a bachelor's degree, have a bachelor's degree or have passed a qualifying entry examination.    


Exchange students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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Andrea Esser 

External lecturer


Andrea Esser is Visiting Professor at King’s College London and Emerita Professor of Media and Globalization at Roehampton University, London. She is also the Director of the AHRC-funded Media Across Borders network.