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Global Fandom in the Digital Age

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The development of the internet and new technology has increased the visibility of fandom. It broke down the geographic barriers and made it easier for people to access free flow of information, connect and communicate at anytime anywhere. The internet allowed fans of TV, films, music, video games, reality TV shows among others to participate in sharing, producing, circulating and promoting cultural products, it has become a new distribution channel for amateur cultural production. “How fans’ using of technologies brings a sense of playfulness to the work of active reading. The work that fans put into creating fan fiction, fan blogs, fan videos, fan wikis or other fan works can all be boiled down to the fact that they are fun to share” (Booth, 2010).

This course will introduce the key theories and concepts of fan studies and the development of fan theories in the Internet age, where digital networks have significantly changed the media environment. It will focus on how the participatory culture has evolved in a time where communication over internet has become part of our everyday life. The thematic concerns will cover a wide range of new way of distribution and circulation, fan engagement in social-political movements, social media and online fan communities, transmedia storytelling, big media franchise, and fan identity, etc. We will analyse fan cultures of Music, TV, Reality Show among others through different online fan communities and digital platforms. Students are encouraged to work in groups and develop a case study of their own, and present their projects by the end of the course.

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