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Evaluation, Education and Social Inequality

This course is fully booked and closed for further applications

The purpose of the course is to enable students to (A) evaluate and assess policy problems through provision of tools. The course deals more concretely with the use of problems to analyze and produce examinations of the link between education and social inequality (B), questioning whether schools are a mechanism of social equality, enabling less privileged, people living in poverty, and disadvantaged children to get ahead in life or whether schools and societies perpetuate the hardships faced by underprivileged populations. Topics include the importance of quantity and quality of schooling for success; the ways in which ethnicity, gender, and social class background structure students educational experiences; the policy effect of tracking and ability grouping within schools; and the link between schooling, policies and the economy.

Exam info and full course description

Exam info and full course description can be found in the course catalogue.


The course is an off-campus course and held at Aarhus University DPU, Tuborgvej 164, DK-2400 Copenhagen NV.      

The Summer Course is located at Campus Emdrup only 5 km from the center of Copenhagen with good possibilities for experiencing the city, either by renting a bike or with public transportation, which is only a two minutes’ walk from campus.

There will not be any other activities at Campus during the summer, , therefore the canteen won’t be open. We will provide coffee, and there is a supermarket nearby as well as small restaurants. The university will not arrange social events at campus in this period, but recommends that the participants take the initiative here. Summer university at Campus Emdrup is an amazing opportunity to experience summer in Copenhagen. 

Accommodation: Participants will need to find accommodation at a hotel og by Airbnb

Admission Requirements

Course specific:

To apply for the course you must hold a bachelor's degree in sociology of education, education studies or a related degree. 


Exchange students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

You can read more about admission here.