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Evaluation, Education and Social Inequality

Although it appears that Denmark has increasing inequality and educational problems, the social science community has failed to mobilize in response. Social scientists have instead adopted a strikingly insufficient approach to policy reform, an ostensibly science-based approach that offers incremental, narrow gauge, and evidence-informed "interventions." This approach assumes that the best that we can do is to contain the problem. Somehow, it is often viewed that we will never solve it.

In this course, you will make a scientific case for large-scale institutional reform, drawing on examples from other countries to demonstrate that reforms that have been unthinkable in several countries. An emboldened social science has an obligation to develop and test the radical policies that would be necessary for equality and education to be assured to all.

Take this course find your sociological imagination and apply that deep understanding of the connection between day-to-day experiences and the wider social context of schools to meaningful change in the field of education and social environments. The course prepares change agents to challenge the inequality within our schools, and more generally, through a deep understanding of its social, educational, political and economic causes.

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Admission Requirements

Course specific:

To apply for the course you must hold a bachelor's degree in sociology of education, education studies or a related degree. 


Exchange students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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