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Entrepreneurial Venturing: An Introduction to Concepts and Tools for Success

Entrepreneurial venturing encompasses goals, strategies, and actions that entrepreneurs and managers envision, conceptualize, and implement to create a business and to ensure its survival, prosperity, and growth. Therefore, entrepreneurs and managers alike need entrepreneurial thinking to discover and create opportunities as well as management tools and structured processes to start and grow new ventures into thriving businesses. In this course, students will learn how to transform creative ideas into business concepts.

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The grade for the course consists of two parts:

  • Coursework counting app. 40 %
  • 3-hour written exam counting app. 60 %


The written exam is online and presence in Aarhus is not nescessary.

Academic prerequisites

Course specific:

To apply for the course you must either be enrolled in a bachelor's degree, have a bachelor's degree or have passed a qualifying entry examination.  


Exchange Students: nomination from your home university

Freemovers: documentation for English Language proficiency

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Nicole Siebold


Academic profile


Nicole Siebold is Chair of Entrepreneurship at Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg, Germany.
Her main academic interests are Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Business Models, Hybrid Organizations, and Venture Growth and Impact Scaling.