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Information about the location of your course

Most courses will take place in the campus area called "Nobelparken".

Find your room in the list of rooms. The list is in course titel alphabetic order.  

The first number on the list signifies the building number and the second number signifies the room number. The first digit in the room number signifies the floor on which the room is located.

Confusing? Maybe a little, but it makes sense when you get there. And don't worry - we will put up lots of signs and our staff is ready to guide you to the correct room on your first day.

On this website you can enter the building number once the list is ready and it will show you on a map where it is on campus. 

If your course is not on the above list it is either because your course is not taking place in Aarhus or because your lecturer has booked a specific room for your course outside Nobelparken. In both cases you will be informed about this directly from your lecturer.