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Feminism, Politics and Religion in the Arab World

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Feminism in the Arab world is boosting. Arab feminists and female activists have been at the forefront of the Arab Spring revolutions and have been exposed to systematic, politically-oriented torture, imprisonment, and sexual harassment and rape in protest spaces in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrain and other parts of the Arab world. Local MeToo movements such as #@KAFA أنا ايضا in Lebanon, #Ena Zeda أنا زادة in Tunisia, #MeToo انا كمان in Egypt, #TaAna حتى أنا in Morocco, #WeLostOneOfUs in Algeria and , #I Am My Own Guardian أنا ولية أمري, and #Women to Drive Movement قيادة المرأة في السعودية in Saudi Arabia have emerged and effected change. They have challenged ongoing deep-seated sexist and patriarchal religious and cultural ideas.

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Jihan Mohammed Zakarriya Mahmoud

Assistant Professor, AIAS-COFUND Fellow