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Booking fee

Should I apply for a room via AU Housing or at www.studenthousingaarhus.dk?

Most students are allocated rooms outside the campus area and the city center. If you must live in the city centre, you will have to look for a room at the private market. From most rooms allocated via AU Housing it is possible to reach campus within 30 minutes, either by bike or by bus. 

Yes, you need to pay your rent from the start of your housing period no matter the reason for your delay including problems with visa, illness or any other reasons. It is not possible to postpone a housing contract.

No. The AU Housing Service can provide only one room for you. Only a limited number of rooms in each dorm are reserved for exchange students and vacant rooms can’t be given to exchange students. If you want to move, you can either look for a room at the private market or sign up at the waiting list at the International Centre.

This rule applies to some dorms in order to allow the caretaker to maintain the room. The rule is in accordance with Danish rental law. Contact your janitor to ask exactly when you should move out.

If you inform us at least 6 weeks before your contract starts, we will refund you the paid rent. If you inform us less than 6 weeks before your contract starts, you will have to observe the termination notice in your contract and pay the rent for this period. The invoice will be sent to you.

Your landlord or residence expects the rent to be paid regardless of the reason for your delay. All leasing contracts are individual and cannot be transferred to another person. Therefore it is not possible to postpone a leasing contract, but a contract can always be cancelled with 6 weeks notice.

No. The AU housing office can provide accommodation for you for maximum 2 semesters only.

Yes. The University does not assume responsibility for the loss of money or valuables, damages to property or injuries on the premises. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you take out a home content insurance to protect against such losses.

It is unfortunately not possible to choose a specific residence. When you fill in your housing application, you can choose whether you would prefer to live near campus, have a cheap room or a private bathroom, and you can choose whether you would prefer to live in a residence, a shared facilities house or a sublet room.

If you are not happy with your accommodation when you arrive, AU Housing recommends that you allow time to adjust to your new residence. Our experience shows that many students find they are very happy once they have settled in and met new friends.

If, after 4 weeks, you still wish to move, please sign up to our accommodation waiting list at the IC. If any rooms become available they will be distributed to the students on the waiting list.

You have to bring (or buy) your own duvet, pillow, bed linen and towels.

Rooms allocated via AU Housing are furnished with basic furniture: bed, chair, lamp, table. If your accommodation has a private kitchen, you will also find basic kitchenware: plates, cups, cutlery, pot and pan.

You need to bring (or buy after arrival) duvet, pillow, bed linen and towels.

If you are allocated a room from www.studenthousingaarhus.dk you will in most cases not find furniture in your room. Don't forget to check it, before you sign the contract.

If you sublet a room, the room will in most case be furnished (don't forget to ask your landlord about it.)

If you have a disability or medical condition which needs to be taken into account in the accommodation allocation procedure, you should write this on the Accommodation Application Form.  Only information provided at the time of application, along with written confirmation from a Medical Practitioner, will be taken into account in the allocation process.  All disability/medical information provided will be treated confidentially and be used for the accommodation procedure only.

The number of residences suitable for families and couples are in limited supply at our university. Please write about your preferences in the special remarks part of the application form and we will do our best to find you suitable accommodation.

Only one dorm, Skjoldhøjkollegiet, allows pets. Therefore you have to write in your application that you bring a pet and therefore need to be allocated a room at the Skjoldhøj kollegium.