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Wants to work in Denmark

Dani Vega Villar from Spain feels that his degree in International Business from Aarhus University will create an excellent opportunity for him to get a job, either in Denmark or abroad, as Denmark has such a good reputation.

“I chose to study at Aarhus University because the University has a good ranking, and I had talked to some Danish friends who told me that the Danish education system was very good. The fact that I could study here for free coming from the EU was also a plus,” tells Dani Vega Villar who, after his bachelor degree in his home country of Spain, did an internship in the UK, where he realised that he wanted to do his Master’s degree in another country.

“I found this programme on mastersportal.eu. I knew I wanted to go to Denmark and since the programmes from the Copenhagen Business School were not listed and the ones in Aarhus sounded good, it was easy to choose Aarhus University. I also liked that the business school was very international and that I had a chance to go abroad during my studies.”

Internship in Iceland

During his bachelor degree Dani Vega Villar had already gone on exchange to study in a different country. Therefore he decided to go abroad for an internship instead during his Master’s studies. For this the business school had several options, but he ended up finding a position by himself at KPMG in Iceland.

“The internship was extremely relevant for my studies and very good academically, but socially it was a bit difficult since I was not only the only foreigner, but also the youngest in the office. I think an internship is good for your resume whilst going on exchange is good for you personally. And I had already gone on exchange in my undergraduate, so for me the internship was the right thing to do.”

Dani Vega Villar also took a course at the summer school. He enjoyed the course very much and felt that the professor from India, who he is still in contact with, was very good.

He has also enjoyed his regular courses and especially appreciated the study environment at the University.

“I really enjoyed being in an international environment where everyone has different backgrounds and comes from different cultures. It means that you are learning new things all the time, and it has given me a broader mindset to better understand other cultures.”

Wants to stay in Denmark

While studying in Denmark Dani Vega Villar has really made an effort to get to know the Danes and says that he has made friends for life.

“I think Danes are very open to talk to you, but it was tough to get into their inner circle. I have a big Danish network by now, but I have also worked hard to fit into their culture. People are very open-minded and everyone speaks English, so that is really nice for a foreigner.”

When Dani Vega Villar finishes his degree he is considering staying in Denmark and he hopes to find a job here.

“Denmark is a good place to work and I’m willing to learn Danish, so I think I could get a job here. I would like to stay here because the working conditions are good, the jobs are interesting and relevant and the pay is good. This degree gives me a very good opportunity to get a good job – also in the long term because Denmark has a very good reputation.”