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Finding new opportunities

With an MSc in Human Security, Alain Carretero from Bolivia hopes to find new opportunities both for him and for developing countries who he hopes to help when he finishes this degree.

“I already have an MSc in Biology from Aarhus University and a BA as an agronomist from Bolivia. For me these two degrees collide somehow. On the one hand I’m a biologist who wants to conserve biodiversity, but on the other hand I’m an agronomist who wants to help farmers in Bolivia grow crops so they can earn money. And this dilemma is the foundation of why I applied for this programme,” he says and elaborates:

“I hope to find a solution to this through my degree in Human Security, since one of the focuses of the programme is to find opportunities for people to live in freedom and dignity. It is not just about military conflict as people might think, but also what people need in order to live.”

Reserved Danes

Alain Carretero has now lived in Denmark for several years, but when he came to study biology in 2004 he did not know very much about the country.

“I had heard about the Vikings and Hans Christian Andersen, and I also knew that Scandinavia was different from the rest of Europe with a unique social system and a strong sense of security. I came because I wanted to improve my education, and I had discovered that Denmark had a strong educational system,” he says before explaining that in the beginning he had a hard time making Danish friends.

“I found it hard to make contact with people and it was not easy to have close relationships. But it got easier after some months. It especially helped that I began to accept that the reason why Danes did not approach me was not because they were impolite or because they did not like foreigners, but just because that is how there are. That was very important for me to realise since I had spent much of my time thinking there was something wrong with me. “

Wants to work with an NGO

Alain Carretero will start his studies in Human Security this fall but he already knows what he wants to use this degree for.

“I want to improve my profile and to find new opportunities. For me it is also a way to get an interdisciplinary focus. After I finish I want to work with an NGO or maybe with Danida (the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ development work). I feel very confident about this since I can use my personal experience about what developing countries need, instead of just having read about it in a book. So I want to combine this experience with the theory I will learn in my degree.”