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On this page you can find information on upcomming,  annual and former events. Have a look, and feel free to reach out.

Annual events

Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition

Date // 18 May 2022

Time // 14.30-19.00

Place // INCUBA Navitas

The summit offers researchers and investors an opportunity to network and explore mutual opportunities for collaboration in the field of science through pitch sessions and meet-and-match

Aarhus Investor Summit | Science Edition connects researchers and early stage spinouts with investors looking to invest in research-based inventions and solutions.

Researchers and spinouts will cover a wide spectrum ranging from biotech & pharma to nanoscience and more.

We invite all interested investors to register for this event.

Nordic Innovation Fair

Date // 26-27 September 2022

Place // Dansk Industri, Copenhagen

Nordic universities create significant potential for translating early-stage research-based inventions into products and services which benefit society. However, to realise the full potential, it requires support from external business partners.

Therefore the annual Nordic Innovation Fair offers a free and unique matchmaking and networking opportunity by bringing together all stakeholders across the innovation ecosystem. Researchers and spinouts from the nordic countries will present their inventions with the aim of finding business opportunities for: licensing, co-development, research collaboration, funding and/or investment.

Former events

Introduction to Intellectual Property

Date // 25-11-21

Time // 13.00-14.00

Place // Meeting room 2 - AU Conference Center at Frederik Nielsens Vej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C

Introduction to Intellectual Property 

- In collaboration with The AU Junior Researcher Association

Høiberg is a leading patent attorney in Denmark - their CEO Pernille Gojkovic will visit us to do a presentation on the importance of Intellectual Property.

This event will be relevant for researchers across all faculties of the University, and Pernille will present different types of IP relevant for different uses.

Pernille will also share her take on the eternal balancing between patenting and publishing – and how you will be able to do both.

Finally Pernille will present potential career opportunities for university researchers in a patent attorney office, before taking any questions.

We hope you will join us at the University Congress Center.

BioInnovation Institute

Date // 28/10-21

Time // 11.00-12.00

Place // Meeting room 2.2 - AU Conference Center at Frederik Nielsen Vej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C

Introduction to BioInnovation Institute - What, Why and How?

BioInnovation Institute is an important stakeholder in the world of Life Science - with a focus on both bioindustrials, therapeutics and health tech.

At this event Louise Clemmensen from BII will present the incubator and the role it plays in the ecosystem. She will touch upon subjects such as how the BII can be valuable to researchers working with areas as diverse as innovative food solutions, agricultural production or drug discovery. In addition, Louise will present the range of BII grants, before presenting potential career opportunities at the BII.

Finally there will be time to answer any questions that arise during the talk.

We are excited to welcome Louise, and hope you will join the event.

Read more about BioInnovation Institute here


Date // 28-09-21

Time // 15.00-16.00

Place // Online

Typical challenges in academic drug discovery

The TTO Business Development is hosting a webinar with two experts in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery - Simon Mcdonald and Richard Hatley from RGDscience, Cambridge.

The webinar will kick-off with a short session on the typical challenges when industry and the academic world is collaborating.

In the second session session you can decide what should be in focus - it could be topics such as: What do pharma look for in a lead candidate, Designing the right molecule, or when to patent?

The webinar will end with Q&A, where you have the opportunity to ask any unanswered questions.

Read more about the experts here: RGDscience

For any questions or suggestions for new events, please reach out to Rasmus Viggers (ravi@au.dk).