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Vegetarian catering for meetings and conferences

In August 2022, vegetarian food became the standard choice when placing a catering order for meetings and conferences financed by AU. Read more about the initiative on this page.

Vegetarian catering as the standard choice

From now on, when you order food for meetings and conferences that are financed by AU, vegetarian meals are the standard choice. It is still possible to order alternatives with meat, but you must actively choose to do so.

Meetings and conferences

The initiative only covers catering for meetings, conferences and similar events that are arranged and financed by AU. This also applies to conferences/seminars hosted by AU that do not take place on campus.

Vegetarian dishes – what are the options?

The new initiative defines vegetarian meals as OVO-LACTO vegetarian. This means that the food will be primarily plant based and may contain egg and dairy products, but it will not contain any meat, poultry, fish or shellfish.

The canteens at AU are in the process of developing a varied and appealing range of vegetarian dishes. Such dishes may include raita with chili and mint, frying pan pizza with potatoes and olives, falafel or egg salad sandwiches, Moroccan soup, tarte tatin, Mexican rice dishes, spiced potato wedges with sesame, burritos and much more. The goal is to offer something that is just as inviting and tasty as meat-based dishes.

Order as usual

When you order catering, you still have to contact the individual canteen. Simply follow the instructions given by the canteen. For example, if you normally use an order form, the form is now updated with vegetarian as the standard choice, so it remains as simple as possible to order catering.

A step in the green direction

The initiative is a part of AU’s green transition, and the goal is to make AU’s catering more climate friendly, since the carbon footprint from meat-based dishes is significantly larger than from vegetarian dishes. For example, ground beef (with 5-10% fat) emits 34.19 kg of CO2e per kilo of beef while potatoes emit 0.36 kg  of CO2e per kilo of potatoes.

See more in the overview from Denmark’s Green Think Tank (CONCITO).

In addition, the initiative is in line with the Climate Council’s recommendations for public canteens. 

Listen to Mikkel Hevring De Vries, head chef at the social sciences canteen, speak about introducing vegetarian food to AU plates and palates, and find out how the participants in a conference for the international Circle U. alliance reacted to the meat-free menu they were served.

Examples of vegetarian catering

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