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Spin-outs from AU

Spin-outs from Aarhus University Technology Transfer Office


2018STipe Therapeutics ApS

STipe Therapeutics focuses on enhancing long-term anti-cancer response by activating both innate and adaptive immunity, through a unique sensitizing technology targeting the STING pathway. The company has developed First-in-Class drugs that exploits and strengthens the STING pathway response to combat cancer, by increasing the innate immune response within the tumor microenvironment. Due to a unique sensitizing technology, it grants for a highly desirable systemic administration, which supports tumor growth inhibition and limited systemic inflammatory response.


2017Draupnir Bio ApSDraupnir Bio has developed a platform for exploring the glycome to develop novel therapeutics. The platform is based on array technology, protein chemistry and advanced carbohydrate chemistry. Our lead program focuses on the development of glycan mimetics for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

2016Bioco Medico IVS  Bioco Medico draws inspiration from solutions of biology to design and make new biomedical materials. The blue mussel attachment system, that works on surfaces from Teflon to steel, is a main inspiration. Bioco Medico develops materials for use in advanced wound care and surgical situations.


2016Methyl Detect ApS 

Methyl Detect provides the solution to fast and sensitive detection of DNA methylation status of specific regions in the genome. We have ready – to - use kits available for a growing number of specific genes implicated in cancer development and progression. The analyses can be performed using standard laboratory equipment, and hereby, making Methyl Detect products easy to use and fast to interpret the results.  

www.methyldetect.com | Methyl Detect presentation film

2015Aarhus GeoSoftware 

Aarhus GeoSoftware is a leading provider of software for processing and inversion of geophysical data. We have developed a common platform where data handling is integrated from raw data to processing, inversion, quality check and visualization of results.  


2014RadiSurf ApS 

RadiSurf is working on a unique technology for an extremely tight adhesion between metal and plastic components. With an adhesion layer of less than 100 nanometer a very tight, yet also very strong interface is formed. The combination of a tight and strong interface, gives unique opportunities for utilizing metal/plastic combinations in the design of equipment with special hygienic requirements, unique design products, medico devices and a number of other places.


2014VisBlue ApS 

VisBlue is a professional partner for storage of sustainable energy. Through a scalable flow battery VisBlue helps to store solar energy efficiently, cheaply and safely.

www.visblue.eu | Visbue presentation film

2005FBC Device ApS 

FBC Device is a clinical stage company. The company achievements have been reached through a strict company focus on intellectual property, product R&D, and clinical documentation to commercialize spinal implants with the potential to improve clinical performance. We rely on our blue-chip supply chain to manage costs and act in an agile manner. All of which is guided by the company wide experience and network within spinal surgery, clinical research, implant development, marketing and commercialization.