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2018Plantcarb ApS

Plantcarb ApS is a plant biotechnological spin out from Aarhus University and University of Copenhagen established by (among others) two scientists who - as the only ones in the world - have developed a method for producing agricultural crops whose starch consists of 100% amylose. Starch is composed of two kinds of molecules. One type branches off and is called amylopectin (~ 75%). The other does not branch out and is called amylose. The two forms have very different properties. Unlike amylopectin, amylose does not dissolve in the stomach for sugar. Amylose therefore prevents type-2 diabetes. And unlike amylopectin, amylose is an excellent raw material for compostable bioplastics. Plantcarb focuses on both food and industry. For food, a 100% amylose crop (HIAMBA®) is developed to be used for flour for bread. For industrial use, a variant of 100% amylose maize is bred.



VPCIR.COM ApS is a biotechnological spin out of Aarhus University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The company is founded by four researchers who together have invented a new and better laboratory method to detect disease-causing bacteria in food. The method - Viability Polymerase Circle Reaction, or VPCIR - is patent pending and utilizes the fact that the composition of certain enzymes in the bacterial cell constitutes a unique fingerprint. The VPCIR method is inexpensive, very sensitive and fast, easy to use, and therefore convenient in a laboratory. VPCIR is therefore a very competitive alternative to current methods.

VPCIR.COM | VPCIR.COM presentation film

2018STipe Therapeutics ApS

STipe Therapeutics focuses on enhancing long-term anti-cancer response by activating both innate and adaptive immunity, through a unique sensitizing technology targeting the STING pathway. The company has developed First-in-Class drugs that exploits and strengthens the STING pathway response to combat cancer, by increasing the innate immune response within the tumor microenvironment. Due to a unique sensitizing technology, it grants for a highly desirable systemic administration, which supports tumor growth inhibition and limited systemic inflammatory response. In September 2019 STipe received EUR 20 million in financing.

STipe Therapeutics

2017Draupnir Bio ApSDraupnir Bio has developed a platform for exploring the glycome to develop novel therapeutics. The platform is based on array technology, protein chemistry and advanced carbohydrate chemistry. Our lead program focuses on the development of glycan mimetics for treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

2016Methyl Detect ApS 

Methyl Detect provides the solution to fast and sensitive detection of DNA methylation status of specific regions in the genome. We have ready – to - use kits available for a growing number of specific genes implicated in cancer development and progression. The analyses can be performed using standard laboratory equipment, and hereby, making Methyl Detect products easy to use and fast to interpret the results.  


2015Aarhus GeoSoftware 

Aarhus GeoSoftware is a leading provider of software for processing and inversion of geophysical data. We have developed a common platform where data handling is integrated from raw data to processing, inversion, quality check and visualization of results.  

Aarhus GeoSoftware


AGROINTELLI was founded in 2015 by adjunct professor at Aarhus University Ole Green and others. The company has a goal of transforming new agricultural knowledge and scientific results into products and technology platforms, which can be used directly out in the fields. AGROINTELLI has focused on developing new intelligent and automated solutions, like Robotti – an autonomous tool carrier, which can improve the profitability and sustainability of plant-production. The company has had a close relationship with the Department of Agroecology and Department of Engineering at Aarhus University, with whom they have developed award-winning technologies.


2014RadiSurf ApS 

Radisurf works with a unique technology to ”glue” plastic and metal together in a very close joining. The adhesion is less than 100 nanometers, which creates an ultra-close interface, which is very robust. An interface this close combined with the strength of the joint creates unique possibilities for plastic/metal combinations in equipment with special hygiene requirements, unique designs, medico devices and lots of other applications.

RadiSurf | Radisurf presentation film

2014VisBlue ApS 

VisBlue is a professional partner within storage of sustainable energy. Through a scalable flow battery the company, helps customers store solar power effectively, cheap and safe.

VisBlue | Visbue presentation film

2012UNIwise ApS

UNIwise is a spin out from Aarhus University and has since established itself as a European leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company primarily targeting higher education. Their mission is to free exams and assessments from the constraints of paper, time, and space. The company’s cloud-based platform, WISEflow, is an end-to-end workflow supporting software service, enabling institutions to deliver, manage, and streamline their various assignments. By digitizing exams and assessments through WISEflow, the company helps individuals and institutions maximize their potential through state-of-art technology. WISEflow is the most-used exam & assessment platform in Scandinavia and has now expanded throughout Europe and the UK.


2010InsuSense Therapeutics

Insusense Therapeutics is a research stage company developing innovative drugs for the treatment of diabetes based on the world leading research on the role of the sortilin protein family.

Insusense Therapeutics

2007ISD Immunotech

ISD Immunotech is developing a first-in-class peptide therapeutic to treat severe forms of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE or Lupus) and other serious autoimmune diseases. In these cases, the immune system dysfunctions and instead of ridding the body of foreign pathogens turns on the body itself attacking vital organs and leading to serious complications which can lead to death. Today there is no approved safe therapy for severe SLE.  ISD’s lead program sequesters STING pathway overactivation which has been shown to be linked to Lupus disease severity as well as to other autoimmune diseases. STING is a central target that controls multiple downstream biologic events which activate immune cells and contribute to the disease pathology. ISD has shown that such multifactorial control is required for efficacy in severe patients. The company is at the preclinical stage and has shown strong efficacy in multiple models of SLE included complete protection from Lupus associated kidney pathology. The company is run by a small team of highly experienced pharma and biotech executives and is supported by a world class scientific advisory board.

ISD Immunotech

2005FBC Device ApS 

FBC Device has reached the clinical state of development. The company’s results has been accomplished with a strict focus on IP rights, product development and clinical documentation to commercialise spinal implants, that has the potential to improve the clinical results. The company is supported by a well-known supplier network to help control the costs and to stay adaptable. This is all a result of the company’s broad experience and network within back surgery, clinical research, implant development, marketing and commercialization.

FBC Device