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Housing Options - Postdocs at AU

In this portal we have gathered a variety of housing resources that are available to help you find accommodation in Aarhus. Whilst some of these options are exclusively for new postdocs arriving from abroad, other options can be useful for postdocs currently residing in Aarhus.

At this site you can find information about:

  • Housing via AU Housing (new postdocs only, single rooms primarily)
  • Housing via FEAS (apartments)
  • Longer-term term accommodation via private landlords, social housing organisations and private rental companies
  • Short-term accommodation at Guesthouses, hostels, B&B's etc.

It is your own responsibility to find accommodation. It means that when you are employed as a postdoc or other staff member at AU your employer will not automatically take care of your accommodation and you will therefore have to arrange accommodation yourself. Finding housing in Aarhus is not easy and can take months. Furthermore, accommodation in Aarhus is expensive - especially if you prefer accommodation near campus. Therefore, we recommend that you as soon as you are employed start searching for a place to live. At this webpage you find information about different housing options and application procedures. If you don't find answers to your questions, you are very welcome to contact for further information and guidance.

About housing via FEAS (Nobel Park & Old Obs. Villa)

Who can apply and how?

Housing options via FEAS:


AU Staff Housing Portal - subletting accommodation

Finding accommodation to sublet from a private landlord is one of the best and easiest ways to find a good place to live. Aarhus University offers a housing portal where landlords and housing seekers can find each other. The AU Staff Housing Portal requires a password.

General housing information