Info for contact persons/supervisors

Housing application for PhD students at AU campus Emdrup via AU Housing

The housing application process for PhD students at AU campus Emdrup consists of the following steps:

  • Housing applicants must set up an account on AU's self-service system.
  • When the applicant is logged on to the self-service system, they must fill out the relevant housing application form. 
  • It is very important that the applicant notes whether he/she applies for housing in Copenhagen or Aarhus.
  • The applicant's contact person or supervisor at AU will then receive an email, which requests them to verify via a link that the applicant is a guest or employee at AU.
  • After the contact person has responded to the email, the housing applicant will receive a confirmation email from the contact person. This will allow the applicant to complete their housing application and submit it to AU Housing via the self-service system.
  • AU Housing will then try to find accommodation, and eventually a housing offer to the applicant. The applicant can either accept or reject this offer.
  • If the applicant wishes to accept the housing offer, then they must pay the first month's rent via a 'Dibs' payment system. This system requires an applicant to have a credit card. The security deposit will only be charged later on, together with the second month's rent (usually after arrival).
  • Unfortunately, AU Housing cannot repost invoices regarding rent/deposit to institutes/centres due to the fact that our administrative system does not support this service. Payment of rent and deposit can only be done with a credit card at If institutes/centres wish to pay rent/deposit for international students or staff members, this can be done by issuing them with an AU credit card or by a staff member paying with his/her AU credit card. When settling the payment in AURUS, a project number or grant funds must be indicated. 

Via the AU Housing main page, you can find information about the AU housing service for the various target groups.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact