Student Housing Aarhus

What is student housing Aarhus?
Student Housing Aarhus provides a service for students by distributing most of the halls of residence in Aarhus. Student housing Aarhus is a collaboration between different housing distributors in Aarhus, so students only need to apply for housing one place. Student Housing Aarhus is not part of the university. It is an independent organisation founded by the Municipality of Aarhus. 

If you are a PhD student you are normally not eligible for a room in a student residence. You should therefore be aware that they do not accept any applications from PhD students directly via their website.

However, if your income is very low you can apply for a dispensation. In that case please send a copy of your employment contract and documentation of your income to and we will inform you whether or not you are eligible for student housing.

Application guide

In Aarhus you don't live on campus. The dorms are situated all over the Aarhus area – also in the outskirts, but always with public busses nearby. In all dorms you have to cook and clean for yourself, and doing the laundry etc. is also your own responsibility. Only a few dorms provide furniture so be aware of this when you are applying for a room. If you choose an unfurnished room, you need to furnish your room after arrival. You can find cheap furniture at for instance IKEA (they can deliver the furniture to your address for a fee) or at one of the many second hand shops.

You can find descriptions of the different dorms at (click ‘bolig’).  

Step-by-step: How to sign up for halls of residence

  1. To apply for a room in a residence go to
  2. Read the instructions and the general rules for applicants carefully, and also use the help functions. Please note that it is a good idea to apply for all or a large number of different dorms, not just the centrally located ones which have very long waiting lists.
  3. Submit your application to Student Housing Aarhus as early as possible. You can submit your application up to 6 months before your studies start. It is free to submit an application and to be on the waiting list. Rooms are allocated according to your seniority on the waiting list. When you apply, we suggest you request a moving in date from June 1 or July 1. If you apply for housing from August or September, you might have to wait for a room until October or November, since most new students in Aarhus want a room from these dates.
  4. To retain your application for accommodation, you must actively renew it every month. Don't forget it (!) - you will have to start from the bottom of the waiting list again.

In order to be offered housing via Student Housing Aarhus, you need to be able to document that you are enrolled at an institution of education (Letter of enrollment from AU will be the appropriate document) and an active student.

Be aware, that the waiting time is quite long (minimum 4-6 months) and rooms are allocated according to your seniority at their waiting list. Rooms are normally unfurnished. Are you planning to stay for less than three months, this option is not relevant for you.