Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The following is a summary of the Terms and Conditions that you need to accept and abide by when applying for accommodation via AU Housing.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions here.

You need to read these carefully. Not doing so might have financial implications for you.

Housing periods

AU Housing offers fixed housing periods. If you want to terminate your lease earlier, you must give a 3 months’ notice to AU Housing and fill in the related form “Notice of termination”. Download the ”Notice of termination” form and send it to housing@au.dk.


You should confirm your housing offer according to the procedure described in the housing offer. When we have received your confirmation, we will finalise your leasing contract and make sure that your key is ready to be picked up from the day your lease starts. We can only make you one offer of accommodation: should you not accept this offer, you will have to find accommodation in Herning on your own.


If you have to cancel your accommodation in Herning after you have confirmed your accommodation, you must contact housing@au.dk immediately. If you cancel your accommodation more than 6 weeks before your leasing contract starts, we will cancel your contract without any cost. If there is less than 6 weeks to the start of your leasing contract, we will send you an invoice for 3 months’ rent.

Please note that this cancellation policy will apply regardless of the reason for your cancellation (including visa problems, illness, personal or family problems, delays or any other situations outside of your control.) The only exception exists in the case you are not admitted to AU after having accepted a housing offer. If this happens you have to contact housing@au.dk at the latest three days after having received your admission refusal, and we will refund you the first months' paid rent.


It is not possible to postpone a leasing contract. If your arrival in Herning is delayed for any reason, you need to decide whether you want to cancel your leasing contract or continue to pay the rent from the start of the leasing period. If you decide to cancel your lease, please read the cancellation policy above.

Accommodation policy

As a rule, AU Housing provides only one housing offer per student. This means that AU Housing cannot relocate you to another residence if you are not satisfied with your current accommodation.

Should such a situation occur, you are responsible to make your own arrangements.

What to bring

You need to bring a duvet, pillow, bed linen, towels and kitchenware. These items can also be bought cheaply in supermarkets in Herning. Your room will have no decoration, so you might want to consider bringing some things to make your room nice. In each apartment there is a bed, lamps, a desk, a closet and a chair.

Arriving late?

If you are going to arrive more than 7 days after the start of your leasing contract, please inform housing@au.dk or heidi@au.dk of your arrival date. We are not able to postpone the start of your leasing contract, regardless of the reason for your delay. Please see the section above regarding delays.

You need to pay your rent from the start of your leasing contract also if you arrive late.