Oana-Maria from Romania

Denmark has innovation and opportunities

Oana-Maria Pop from Romania thinks the opportunities in Denmark are great and she hopes to get a job here after finishing her MSc in Innovation Management (now called Innovation Management and Business Development). In fact, following her graduation in 2011 she now works primarily within the innovation management service industry. Her further plans are to pursue a PhD and to collaborate closer with academia.

“I really enjoy studying here. The conditions and facilities are much better than at home and I like the environment. I particularly like that there is so little distance between teachers and students - we even call our teacher by their first name,” explains Romanian Oana-Maria Pop, who also finds the level of teaching very high.

“Of course it depends on the teacher, but generally the level is excellent and we have had some great guest lecturers – we even had the representative of the Danish ice-cube bag inventor speak to us about patent strategy.”

Oana-Maria Pop decided to come to Denmark after hearing a presentation about the business school and Aarhus University at her home university.

“I really thought this particular programme was very interesting, and I also liked that it was new. In addition, I discovered that there is a large demand for people with the skills we learn in this programme.”

When asked what exactly she learns studying Innovation Management, she says:

“We are kind of a specialist who blends R&D and manufacturing with marketing. Beforehand you would just have the scientist who invents something and then tries to sell it, but has no knowledge of marketing. That is where we come in.”

Too windy and strange language

When Oana-Maria Pop first came to Denmark she wasn’t particular fond of the country.

“I had a bit of a bumpy start to my stay here. My first apartment was very far away from the city and I thought this place was way too windy and the language was too strange. So I thought I wasn’t going to last long in Denmark, but then I got to know more people and that was really the key.”

Ironically, it was leaving Denmark that made Oana-Maria Pop feel really at home here, as during her studies at Aarhus University she took one semester abroad.

“When I came back from exchange in Hungary I found that Denmark was really like home to me now. I noticed that I understood the traffic signs and the labels in the supermarkets and even the wind didn’t bother me anymore.”

Oana-Maria Pop hopes to stay in Aarhus after she finishes her Master’s degree. Together with her Romanian boyfriend, who she met whilst studying at AU, she started learning Danish and has already applied for several graduate programmes within Danish companies.

Oana-Maria eventually moved to Copenhagen and pursued a collaboration with Swedish company Global Innovation Network AB, where she acted as market researcher, associate editor and eventually head or marketing for the InnovationManagement.se platform. Currently, Oana collaborates with HYPE Innovation Gmbh by contributing to the company's blog and travels around Europe pursuing additional projects and opportunities.

“Me and my spouse really think the career opportunities in Denmark are great. I would like to work with some of the big companies – especially within the biomedical industry – where the R&D staff seem very passionate about their ideas and inventions, and through marketing their new products you really feel like you help to make a difference. For me a job is not just about the money. I would like to do something for the greater good.”