Jelena from Estonia

Just loves it here

Jelena Issajeva from Estonia chose to study Philosophy at Aarhus University because of the University’s excellent reputation within the Humanities.

“It is really a pleasure to be studying here. It has more than lived up to my expectations.”

Jelena Issajeva chose to study Philosophy at Aarhus University after a professor at her home university in Estonia recommended Aarhus University to her. She also considered studying at the University of Copenhagen, but ended up in Aarhus because of the programme.

“The programme in Copenhagen was more specialised but I wanted something more general so I chose Aarhus University, and also because they are stronger in Humanities.” Jelena Issajeva explains that she really likes the flexibility and independence you are given in the programme, which means she can combine her studies with work and also have time to attend other classes she is interested in.

An interdisciplinary department

Like many other international students, Jelena Issajeva points to the student-teacher relationship as something very positive.

“The professors here are much more supportive than what I have experienced before. And this makes you a lot more effective. Actually the professors always have time to answer questions and help you, plus they are very good at suggesting further reading,” she says and points out that she also likes that the philosophy department is very open to interdisciplinary research and has strong connections with other departments at the University.

International mentor

The department was also very good at helping her get settled in when she arrived as they assigned her a mentor.

“My mentor was a PhD student at the department and he explained everything about the department and the programme. He also showed me the University and the library, and since he was an international student like me, he could give me good hints about being an international here. It was very helpful and a good way to get introduced to Aarhus and the University since he was also very helpful when it came to practical matters such as finding the right bus etc.”

Friendly Danes

When Jelena Issajeva came to Aarhus she started out by living at a dormitory until she found a place she wanted to stay in. After one month she found it.

“I live in a house with other students who I now consider my friends, so I really enjoy living there. I found the place myself through the webpage When I started looking for a place to live I found out that many of the dorms here have very long waiting lists so I started looking for other opportunities and I got this offer a month after I arrived.”

Living in Denmark is something Jelena Issajeva has really enjoyed and she is also fond of the Danes.

“The Danes are very friendly and people are always smiling and very open-minded and helpful. I like that Aarhus is big enough to satisfy your urban needs but also small enough for you to have your privacy. I think it is a beautiful city with the beaches and the nature. For a philosopher it is perfect, because even in the city centre you can stop and have a quiet moment.”

Wants a PhD

When Jelena Issajeva finishes her Master’s degree or maybe even sooner, she wants to do research.

“I want to apply for a PhD, possibly on the 4+4 track where I would start my PhD before I finish my Master’s. I think Aarhus is the perfect place to do a PhD because of the international and interdisciplinary environment. I have already gotten information about PhD studies at other universities, but I would really like to stay here. I just love it here.”