Hanh from Vietnam

Lab work and great equipment gets you closer to real science

Hanh Ngyuen from Vietnam studies Marine Biology at Aarhus University, where she really appreciates all the equipment that the students have access to here.

“I really enjoy the practical part of our courses, where we spend much of our time in the lab doing different tests on our results. In Vietnam we were only allowed to look but we were never allowed to use the equipment. The labs here are very nice with very good equipment and the technicians are very nice and helpful.”

Hanh Ngyuen from Vietnam started her studies at Aarhus University in Marine Biology in autumn 2009 and so far she has been nothing but satisfied.

“I have really learned a lot this year and a half that I have been here. The level of teaching is very high and the teachers are nice, accessible and always have the latest information on the topics we are covering.”

Studying in Denmark has also meant that Hanh Ngyuen has had to try oral exams for the first time.

“I like the oral exams because it is easier to explain what you mean and demonstrate what you know about the topic since it is more like a conversation. I also like that it only takes about an hour and that you get the grade right away instead of having to wait days or weeks.”

Wanted to go to Europe

Before coming to Aarhus University Hanh Ngyuen also looked at universities in Australia and Japan, but she had always wanted to go to Europe.

“I was working at the Institute of Oceanographic in Nha Trang in Vietnam which cooperates with the department here at Aarhus University. They were providing two scholarships to study here so I applied and luckily won one of them. I had always dreamed of going to Europe and I had heard that it was easy to get by with English in Scandinavia, so the choice was easy,” she explains before telling how she has never regretted the decision since.

“I thought I would learn a lot and I certainly did. Here in Denmark I have learnt how to establish a research project from scratch by myself and how to write scientific articles even though I’m still just on my Master’s.”

Likes living in Denmark

When Hanh Ngyuen finishes her Master’s degree she hopes to continue doing research.

“I want to apply for a PhD here. I will also apply to other universities in Europe, but I would like to stay in Denmark because it’s become my home and I really enjoy living here. I like how the Danes enjoy life. It seems like they don’t work too hard but their outcome is always very good.”

“I think Danish people are very friendly. They always smile. And I like that you can speak English with them. It makes it very easy to communicate and I still haven’t met a Dane who couldn’t speak English. Even older people can speak it.”

Hanh Ngyuen also feels very secure in Denmark and she likes that she can bike everywhere as there are bike paths all over the city. Being from Vietnam she also likes going to one of the many Asian shops in the city.