Challenging classes and great memories

Ann Sanyu Mabel from Uganda is very happy that she was able to come to Aarhus University. Even though the classes are a lot different from what she was used to from home, she enjoys the large amount of interaction in class between professors and students.

“Just the fact that there was someone waiting for me at the train station with a big smile on their face, made a big difference for my introduction to Denmark,” says Ann Sanyu Mabel about the mentor programme that Aarhus University offers most international students when they arrive.

28-year-old Ann Sanyu Mabel from Uganda is studying the Erasmus Mundus Master in Journalism, Media and Globalisation at Aarhus University.

She applied for this particular programme because it sounded interesting and offers students the ability to study in two different countries.

“It gave me a chance to widen my perspective. And when I found out that my class would be full of students from the all over the world like Europe, the U.S. and Asia, that was just a bonus. Since we all come from so many different backgrounds you get an insight into other countries and cultures through your fellow classmates, which make classes very interesting.”

Likes the Danish way of teaching

Even though Ann Sanyu Mabel finds the classes at Aarhus University very interesting, she certainly had to get used to a very different way of studying and learning.

“Where I’m from you don’t speak back to the professors, but here you share your ideas and engage in discussions with the professor and other students. You even question the text books, which would never happen at home. I really like that approach, since it gives you a better perspective of the discussed subjects,” she says, and continues:

“The level here is very high compared to what I’m used to, and I don’t get the same high grades. I almost cried the first time I got a 7, but then a friend explained to me that here a 7 is pretty good and seen as above average. But this has also made me aim higher, and to try to be the best I can be.”

Want to work in a humanitarian organisation

Before Ann Sanyu Mabel came to Denmark she worked as a professional journalist for four years in her home country, Uganda, but with her new degree she is not sure that she will continue being the “traditional” journalist.

“When I finish with this degree, I would really like to work with communication in a humanitarian organisation or maybe make documentaries about war and conflict. That is also why I would like to specialise in war and conflict when I take my semester at Swansea University, UK, this autumn.”

Experiencing snow in Denmark

Living in Denmark has been a big change for Ann Sanyu Mabel, as coming from Uganda, last winter was the first time she experienced snow.

“I got to have my first snow fight and it was really fun,” she says with a laugh before giving her thought on the Danes:

“Danes can be a bit shy, but don’t take it personally. Just give them some time. I have made many friends both in my dorm and outside of school and one even invited me home for Christmas so I got to experience a Danish Christmas with duck and potatoes and everything,” says Ann Sanyu Mabel.

“For me a place is amazing based on the friendships you make, and I will always look back on my time here with great memories.”