Meet the students


Dani from Spain studied International Business at AU. 
Read his story.    


Alain Carretero from Bolivia is studying MSSc in Human Security at AU.
Read his story.   

Daniel-Constantin from Romania

Daniel-Constantin Ciungu from Romania is studying Technology Based Business Development at Aarhus University’s campus in Herning. Read his story here

Hanh from Vietnam

Hanh Ngyuen from Vietnam studies Marine Biology at Aarhus University. Read her story here 

Mateusz from Poland

Mateusz Tokarski from Poland is studying Cognitive Semiotics at Aarhus University. 
Read his story.  

Oana-Maria from Romania

Oana-Maria Pop from Romania is studying  MSc in Innovation Management. Read her story here 


Shuai Zhang from China studies Nanoscience at AU. 
Read his story.    

Ann from Uganda

Ann Sanyu Mabel from Uganda is studying the Erasmus Mundus Master in Journalism. Read her story here 

George from Ghana

George Sarkodie Adu from Ghana is studying Anthropology, Global Studies and Development at Aarhus University. Read his story here

Jelena from Estonia

Jelena Issajeva from Estonia chose to study Philosophy at AU. Read her story here 

Meghna from India

Meghna Katoch from India decided to do an MSc in International Economic Consulting. Read her story here