Practical information

Services provided by the International Centre for international guest lecturers

The International Centre at Aarhus University offers a housing guarantee, visa service, and information about the tax number application, meaning overall assistance in practical issues before and during the event. Information and support related to the Danish teaching and grading system will also be provided. All guest lecturers are invited to participate in a social programme.


As an international employee at Aarhus University staying in Denmark for less than 3 months you will not need to obtain a residence and work permit before coming to Denmark. However, citizens from some countries may be requested to hold an Entry Visa in order to enter Denmark.

The International Centre at Aarhus University will provide you with a letter of invitation and employment in order for you to apply for the Entry Visa. We request that you apply for an Entry Visa immediately after you have received the letter of employment /invitation from us, since obtaining the Entry Visa for some countries may take more than 2 months.

As a new staff member at Aarhus University in Aarhus you have a number of different options in finding accommodation.


As an employee at Aarhus University, you must pay tax to the Danish state. The taxes pay for the Danish welfare system, including childcare, education, elderly care, and access to doctors and hospitals. You will benefit from these welfare services while working in Denmark. Since AU Summer University lecturers only work in Denmark for a short period, income is only liable to partial taxation in Denmark.

Possible double taxation agreements might have an influence on the total taxation of your income from Aarhus University.


As an employee at Aarhus University in Aarhus you have a number of different options in finding accommodation. The International Centre will send you a housing offer for the duration of your stay here in Aarhus. You may also bring your family along. More precise information regarding housing possibilities is to be announced.  

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