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Associate professorships in public law, international law and/or EU law 981949

The Department of Law at Aarhus University invites applications for two vacancies as associate professor in public law, international law and/or EU law. The positions are to be filled as of 1 September 2018 or subject to mutual agreement.
Job description
The two positions involve research, teaching and administration obligations, and the associate professors are expected to:  
  • Contribute significantly to the teaching and research environment of the department.
  • Carry out research-based teaching in public law, international law and/or EU law at the programmes of the department (Bachelor/Master of Laws and BSc/MSc in Business. Administration and Commercial Law). The associate professors must be capable of teaching in Danish or acquire the skills to do so within the first two years of employment.
  • Supervise students writing their bachelor’s project or master’s thesis as well as PhD fellows within the academic discipline.
  • Publish and impart knowledge about scientific results both at national and international level 
  • Perform research management and be prepared to actively pursue the department objective of securing increased external funding. 
Your qualifications
Applicants must possess research qualifications and teaching skills corresponding to those obtained after successful completion of a period of employment as an assistant professor, but equivalent academic qualifications may also be accepted.
Permanent employment as associate professor at Aarhus BSS requires completion of the supervision course and also the course Blended Learning – Go Online provided by Centre for Teaching and Learning at Aarhus BSS. If you have not completed the courses before commencement of employment, continued employment will be conditional on completion of the courses within a five year period.
The assessment of the applicants will focus on whether the applicants can provide evidence of their qualifications in describing, organising and further developing the academic discipline. 
The following will be part of the evaluation criteria: 
  • Applicants must possess academic qualifications corresponding to those obtained after successful completion of a period of employment as an assistant professor or equivalent qualifications.
  • Documentary evidence provided by the applicants for original, scientific production at international level within the discipline.
  • Documentation that proves the teaching qualifications of the applicants. The documentation must be in the form of a teaching portfolio  with the purpose of assessing the level of the applicants in terms of teaching and pedagogical qualifications. The detailed requirements can be found in the Faculty guidelines for the use of teaching portfolios.
  • Whether applicants match other qualifications required in the job advertisement. 
Who we are
The Department of Law is one of the six departments at Aarhus BSS, one of the four faculties at Aarhus University. Aarhus BSS unites the business and social science-related research fields and brings them closer together to reflect the close relationship between society and the business community. As part of a Top 100 university, Aarhus BSS - and specifically the Department of Law – has achieved the distinguished AASCB, AMBA and EQUIS accreditations. 
With more than 60 academic staff members and 15-20 PhD students, we have a dynamic, ambitious and academically diverse research and teaching environment. In addition, we focus specifically on attracting international researchers and PhD students to the department
At the Department of Law, we teach and carry out high-level research within key fields of Danish, European and international law. In our research, we focus continuously on increasing the department’s international impact - particularly in terms of publications. We strive to extend upon and develop our core research fields, but we also aim for our research to be at the vanguard of new judicial challenges in society and the business community. In our teaching, we strive to build bridges between theory and practice, amongst others by drawing on external teachers’ practical experience. 
For more information about the Department of Law, please visit:
Further information
For further information about the position and the department, please contact Head of Department Tine Sommer, tel.: +45 8716 4964.
If you need help uploading your application or have any questions about the recruitment process, please contact HR-supporter Marie Louise Lund Pedersen, tel.: +45 8715 2516, email:  
International applicant? Aarhus University offers a broad variety of services for international researchers and accompanying families, including relocation service and career counselling to expat partners. Please find more information about entering and working in Denmark here and here
Place of work
Bartholins Allé 16, 8000  Aarhus C. 

Terms of employment
The appointment is in accordance with the Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff at Danish Universities as well as the circular on the Collective Agreement for Academics Employed by the State .

The job content and qualification requirements are described in further detail in Circular on Terms of Employment for Academic Staff at Universities .

Application procedure
It is obligatory to attach the following when you apply for this position:

Curriculum Vitae. You are encouraged to declare any periods of leave without research activity, including, for example, maternity leave, since your research activities are assessed in relation to your actual research time
Education (diploma for master's, PhD and possibly higher doctoral degree)
List of publications (the enclosed publications must be clearly marked on the list of publications)
Publications. Up to five publications can be included in the application. In the event of several authors the publications must be accompanied by a co-author statement concerning the applicant's share of the collaborative work with the consent of the co-authors. This form can be used for the purpose
Teaching portfolio. The specific requirements regarding the documentation can be found here

Materials which cannot be uploaded together with the application may be submitted in five copies to Aarhus BSS HR & PhD, Aarhus University, Tåsingegade 1, 2nd floor, DK-8000 Aarhus C.

Read more about how to apply for an academic post at Aarhus BSS here .

The evaluation process
After the application deadline, an assessment committee is appointed. Please note that the assessment of applicants is based solely on the material received prior to the application deadline. For further information, see Guidelines for Assessment Committee, Aarhus BSS .

All interested candidates are encouraged to apply regardless of personal background.


All applications must be made online and received by:

Please apply online here

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