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The Department of Chemistry, Aarhus University, Denmark invites applications for a 1-year postdoc position in the field of materials chemistry with a focus on high pressure science. The starting date for the position is August 1st, 2018, and it will run until July 30st, 2019.

In case further external funding is secured within the academic area the candidate is assessed obviously qualified for, an extension is possible for up to a total maximum of 4 years of employment as a postdoc.

Research area
The position is embedded in a prestigious Sapere Aude project funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research. The focus is discovery of new materials and studies and involve high pressure techniques. High pressure synthesis is an efficient approach to discover new materials. Pressure-dependent studies offer excellent opportunities to stabilize or study interesting compounds and structures. Furthermore studies of P,T structure-property relations of known materials will be used to gain deeper understanding. The postdoc position focus on the continued development of high pressure methods for synthesis and characterization of materials at extreme conditions. Advanced materials of high current interest will be explored with a particular emphasis on topological insulators and perovskites with heavy transition elements.

The successful candidate will engage with a strong team of collaborators covering expertise in theoretical calculations, data mining approaches and a range of highly specialized characterization techniques, such as ARPES, STM, magnetotransport measurements in high-field magnets, and more.

Your profile
Applicants should hold a PhD in chemistry, physics or nanoscience with a strong background in high-pressure methods, either synthesis, structural studies, or physical property measurements, ideally the candidate is familiar with more than one of the these topics. The successful candidate will be involved in beamtimes at international synchrotron facilities and prior experience with synchrotron-based science will be advantageous. You will be a core member of a research group with 14 students, 5 PhD students and 9 undergraduates. Experience with day-to-day supervision and practical training of students is desirable.

The position involves interaction with several research groups through involvement in two large centers of excellence, Center for Materials Crystallography (CMC) and Villum Center for Dirac Materials (VCDM). It is important for the project completion that the candidate has a flair for communication and like working in larger teams.

The department
The Department of Chemistry at Aarhus University is in terms of scientific impact one of the leading European chemistry departments with research programs that range from medicinal chemistry to theoretical chemistry. It has a permanent staff of 28 full and associate professors, a support-staff of 26 people, 117 PhD students and postdocs, and more than 500 students

The place of work is Department of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140, Aarhus, and the area of employment is Aarhus University with related departments.

For further information please contact Associate Professor Martin Bremholm,, +45 25881826.

Application procedure
Shortlisting is used. This means that after the deadline for applications and with the assistance from the assessment committee chairman, and the appointment committee if necessary, the head of department selects the candidates to be evaluated. All applicants will be notified whether or not their applications have been sent to an expert assessment committee for evaluation. The selected applicants will be informed about the composition of the committee, and each applicant is given the opportunity to comment on the part of the assessment that concerns him/her self. Once the recruitment process is completed a final letter of rejection is sent to the deselected applicants, including the main considerations emphasized during the selection process.

Formalities and salary range

Science and Technology refers to the Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Danish Universities under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

The application must be in English and include a curriculum vitae, degree certificate, a complete list of publications, a statement of future research plans and information about research activities, teaching portfolio and verified information on previous teaching experience (if any). Guidelines for applicants can be found here.

Appointment shall be in accordance with the collective labour agreement between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. Further information on qualification requirements and job content may be found in the Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff at Danish Universities. Salary depends on seniority as agreed between the Danish Ministry of Finance and the Confederation of Professional Associations.

All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background. Research activities will be evaluated in relation to actual research time. Thus, we encourage applicants to specify periods of leave without research activities, in order to be able to subtract these periods from the span of the scientific career during the evaluation of scientific productivity.

Aarhus University offers Relocation service to International researchers. You can read more about it here.


All applications must be made online and received by:

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