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A position as clinical professor in Paediatric Urology, affiliated to the department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences at Aarhus University is vacant.

The position requires concurrent employment as consultant at the Department of Urology, Aarhus University Hospital. Reference is made to the position as consultant here.

The Section of Paediatric Urology, Department of Urology of Aarhus University Hospital is the tertiary center of highly specialized functions in paediatric urology for almost 2/3 of the Danish population (3,5 mio.). In addition it is the referral center for patients with complex congenital urogenital diseases for the Faroe Islands and has been accredited to the European Reference Network for Rare Diseases (ERN) under the auspiecies of the European Union. The section is accredited for training of fellows in paediatric urology by the European Board on Paediatric Urology (EBPU) /Joint Committee on Paediatric Urology (JCPU) under the UEMS.
The section of paediatric urology performes approx. 1,200 surgical procedures a year with 3,500 outpatient consultations.
The section of paediatric urology serves as a team with 4 consultants and one fellow/resident in addition to the multidisciplinary team at the same ward including paediatric nephrologists, urotherapists, physiotherapists and whenever required paedediatric endocronolgists, psychologists and paediatric grastroenterologists. The sections takes care of adults with congenital urogenital diseases within the frames of the department of urology. The section has nearly two decades of experience in robotic paediatric urology and works in close cooperation with Great Ormond Street Hospital, paediatric urology, London, UK (professor Peter Cuckow) and paediatric urology in Gent, Belgium (professor Piet Hoebeke). .

The section takes part in the education of medical students, residents in urology, specialist registrars, fellows and specialists in paediatrics and urology. Main areas of research are the development of the normal and pathologic voiding function, bladder fibrosis and dysfunction, upper urinary tract dilation both functional and on the molecular level. 

The position as clinical professor
The clinical professor will hold a split post consisting of 50 % clinical work and 50 % University related academic work and research. The functions are described in the agreement between Aarhus University and Central Denmark Region: “Aftale om professorer ved hospitalerne i Aarhus Universitetshospital – ansættelsesforhold, ansvar og opgaver”. This is an integrated and mutually binding collaboration between the University Hospital and the Faculty at every corresponding level of management.

The clinical professor and the management of the Department of Urology are jointly responsible for the clinical and scientific development of paediatric urology in the Department of Urology. The clinical professor will refer to the head of the Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, concerning University related matters. Regarding clinical matters, the professor refers to the head of the Department of Urology.

We expect that the clinical professor
• has an academic degree (PhD, DMSc)  and is an active researcher on an international level
• is a specialist in Urology and Fellow of the European Academy on Paediatric Urology (FEAPU)
• participate in planning the pre-graduate teaching including examinations
• conducts research according to his/her clinical profile at the department
• directs the Research Unit in collaboration with the professor and chair at the Urology Research Unit
• facilitates a research environment for the specialist doctors, residents in training, post docs, PhD-students, and medical students
• develops constructive national and international collaborations

With respect to the clinical function  the clinical professor should have
• a comprehensive experience in paediatric urological procedures
• large experience in highly specialized paediatric reconstructive  urology
• deep insight in paediatric urodynamics including ambulatory urodynamics and neurourology

Further Information
For further details regarding the professorship, please contact Head of Department of Clinical Medicine, Kristjar Skajaa at +45 78 45 90 00

Required qualifications

In making the appointment, emphasis will be placed on the extent, quality and originality of the applicants body of international scientific publications, including contributions to further developing the subject area in question. Moreover, an assessment will be made of the applicants research management abilities.

Formalities and references

  • Further information on the appointment procedure can be found in the Ministerial Order on the Appointment of Academic Staff at Universities.
  • The appointment is in accordance with the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (Akademikerne).
  • Remuneration is in accordance with the above, and the Salary agreement catalogue for staff at Health.
  • Further information on qualification requirements and job description can be found in the Memorandum on Job Structure for Academic Staff at Danish Universities (in Danish).


    Applications must be accompanied by a CV, diploma, a list of publications, a research plan as well as a teaching portfolio. A maximum of ten of the publications of greatest relevance to the job must be submitted. If you have an assessment within the same job title (completed after March 1, 2016 at AU, Health), then this can be attached to the application.

    Further information on the application and supplementary materials may be found in the facultys Guidelines for applicants and Aarhus Universitys Guidelines on the use of teaching portfolios.

    The assessment committee may decide to include non-submitted material in its assessment. In such cases, the applicant will be informed and obliged to submit material, unless the application is withdrawn.

    Applications submitted through channels other than the online application form below or applications which are not received by the application deadline will not be considered.

    All interested candidates are encouraged to apply, regardless of their personal background.

  • Deadline

    All applications must be made online and received by:

    Please apply online here

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